My Very First Time Kimberly Costa in Kimberly’s First Anal

Kimberly Costa is one horny brunette wearing a pair of glasses as if she’s just escaped from her college class for a casting. She did a lot of sex but the thing that makes her slightly nervous is that she’s here to get her asshole stuffed with a huge cock.


After she has stripped down and showed what her nice body consists of, the guy walks into the room and sits close to her. She seems excited because he is very hot. She turns around on the couch when he starts to lick her juicy pussy and puts a finger up her cute ass.

She sighs but her face tells that this is rather strange feeling that she gets in her asshole. She screams when he puts a vibrator in her butt and turns it on. He swaps it with a dildo and continues to work with her newly experienced pleasure.

Next, she gives him a blowjob to prepare his cock for an anal insertion that will make her eyes pop out. Putting her on the bed, he shoves his dong inside her sweet asshole and starts drilling. It is still strange to her. He rolls her over and continues in a doggy style.

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