My Very First Time Gia Love in Gia’s First Anal

Even for experienced and very sexually active people, anal can remain something of an uncharted territory. Whether it’d be because of negative stories from friends, or bad personal experiences from the past. But done right, anal can definitely be a mind blowing, thrilling activity that can change your love life forever.


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Gia Love is about to go through this potentially life changing event, as she confesses that having her ass drilled was always on her mind, even having wet dreams about it. Johny, her partner, is about to indulge her in this fantasy, as he ever so gently slides a butt plug up her ass.

As it stretches her out little by little, her ass finally swallows the whole plug, and with that in place the guy starts fingering her pussy vigorously, and it’s a completely new feeling for Gia Love, experiencing being penetrated in both holes. Once she gets fucked, it hurts a bit, but she doesn’t stop.
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